The ‘Study Skills Proficiency Programme' 

The Tutoristic 'Study Skills Proficiency Programme' is an online course designed to hone a student's skills to learn and manage their time more effectively. 

Synopsis of the Course 

Pauline has been a student many times over and she is also a tutor/coach and mentor. Most of her sessions were carried out in person and are now delivered on-line. She has tutored for over 12 years which has been a privilege and an interesting experience tutoring both primary and secondary pupils and coaching GCSE and 'A' level students. 
She decided to take her wealth of experience and write a structured on-line ‘Study Skills Proficiency Course’ accessible to all who are embarking on a study programme, whether at GCSE or A' level, college or academic level, studying at apprenticeship level or at university. Her intention is to share what she has learnt with you, so that you can benefit by applying tools to help you attain your goals. 
Studying can be stressful at the best of times. Some people find it a challenge while others may find it enjoyable. Whichever category you fit into, there will be a level of stress involved. This course will assist you in managing your stress level, which is different from person to person. 
On completion of the course, the intended outcome is that you will be able to: 
Manage you time more effectively. 
Outline clearly what your intended goals are. 
Work more effectively to achieving your goal. 
Reduce your stress levels and/or be able to manage them. 
Become more skilled in time management. 
Learn how to study and structure your work
Achieve your goal and take the next step on the ladder. 
Through effective planning, discipline and dogged determination, you can achieve your goals. 

Paper Technique 

What is paper technique? 
How do you write/lay out your notes? Do you highlight headings, colour code notes into sections, group similar topics? These techniques are all key to helping you revise more effectively. 
Have you ever written notes and when you read them wonder what the notes say. I have students who often do this. My response is, if you can’t read your own handwriting, why would you expect someone else to. 
Understanding ‘paper techniques’ will help you become familiar with the strategies of taking notes and finding the one that suits you. 

Coaching for Graduates & Beyond 

Coaching for Sixth Form Students And Beyond 

Many pupils are taken by surprise by the level and standard of work required when studying for A’ Levels. I remind my students that they are called 'Advanced Level' hence your workload will increase significantly. You’ll probably look back at your GCSE’s and think they were not so bad but this? Wow! 
What can an academic coach do to help? How can you apply these ‘Study Skills’ techniques to ensure you come out with the grades you want to ensure you can embark on the next step of your journey- be it attending university, taking an apprenticeship or internship or heading out into the world of work. 
Study Skills can help you fine-tune important processes; in exams it will help you answer the questions that have been asked and not what you think is being asked, understand paper technique, understand exam terms and prepare you mentally so that you are psychologically in a healthy state to implement these tools and support you in managing your time effectively. 

Coaching for GCSE Students 

You moved on from Key Stage 3 (KS3) to Key Stage 4 (KS4) and are now finally preparing for GCSE’s; English Language, Literature, history, geography, Spanish or whatever your chosen subjects are. You have now entered the… I need to be serious… my parent(s)/guardians are going to be on my case… Darn! Okay, ’Study Skills? What’s that? 
As a mentor/coach, that is where I step in to give you some guidance in preparing for Year 11 and your exams. Study Skills looks at the processes you should undertake to help you study effectively and timely. After all, you’ll be taking 10 or more subjects and good preparation and planning, good paper technique plus using a revision timetable will make a huge difference. 
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