Time Out! 
Today, I got together with my 11plus students to have some fun in our mentoring session. We did tongue twister, what do you see? and complete the sentence in amongst telling some cheesy jokes. The idea behind this was to have some fun outside of the tutoring sessions. During the year, 11plus preparation can be intense and it's always great for students to be able to let off a bit of steam. This was that opportunity and also a chance for them all to meet each other online, as each of them are taking the same tests in September. 
Fun was had by all! #fun #mentor #students #relax #successful #school #coach #haveagreatday #tonguetwisterchallenge #whatdoyousee #jokes 
I enjoyed the session- Sonam 
Fffffuuuuuunnnnnnnn- Aaron 
I thought it was veryy hmm nice- Jayden 
It was cool but I’m very awkward so that doesn't help lol- Christopher 
This session was fun! Kobby 
It's amazing how much more you find out about your students outside of tutoring sessions- their likes and dislikes, what they want to be when they grow up, their favourite colour, family life, where they've travelled to and what their best holiday was. Each has a different answer as each child has their own individual experience. Some students are quirky, others funny, some are serious, some are shy in groups, while others are quiet. A wonderful mixture of great minds and talents and personalities that alter in a group session. And sometimes the quiet one emerges as a leader. 
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