Finding an 11 plus Tutor 
I am in the throes of writing an eBook to help parents navigate the 11 plus. I have tutored for many years and often asked questions about the 11 plus and what is involved. Part of the process is finding a tutor who can work with the child and parent(s) successfully through the 11 plus journey. This short article looks at what tools are available that can be accessed to find a suitable tutor in your area if you are looking for face to face or online tuition. 
It is important that you ask the right questions to gather as much information so that you can make an informed decision. 
How do you find a suitable tutor for your child? 
1. Recommendations 
Talk to other parents about their tutor-if they are happy with the tutor they have taken on, they will happily pass on their name to other parents. 
2. Ask your child’s teacher if they know any good tutors 
Some tutors may leave leaflets or details about what they do with primary schools. 
3. Google tutors in your area 
Lists of tutors are available if search for 11 plus tutors in your area. check their profiles and make contact to discuss your requirements and talk about their tutoring experience. 
4. Social Media 
A lot of advertising is done on social media, and people will often write comments and feedback about their services. 
5. Local advertising 
In Gravesham there is a small magazine called ‘the net’ where many local companies/businesses advertise their services. Your area may have something similar. 
Questions to Ask a Tutor Before You Engage Them 
1. Are you a local tutor? 
2. How long have you been tutoring for? 
3. Do you have previous teaching experience? 
4. How much knowledge and understanding do you have about the 11 plus in my area? 
5. Do you have experience tutoring on a 1-1 basis or group tuition? 
6. Do you enjoy tutoring? 
7. Is tutoring your main area of work or is it something you do for extra 
8. Are you able to commit to my child for the duration needed leading up to 
the 11 plus? 
9. What age group have you tutored? 
10. Do you tutor online or face to face? 
11. What are your available times/days for tutoring? 
12. How do you tutor? 
13. What resources do you use? 
14. How do you engage the child? 
15. Do you carry out assessments prior to tuition? 
16. If my child is struggling, how would you deal with this? 
17. Do you praise the child if they are doing well and how? 
18. How do you encourage a child if they are struggling in some areas of work? 
19. How often and when do you start testing? 
20. What is your success pass rate? 
21. What are your fees/ hourly rate? 
These questions are not exhaustive but they should allow you to get the information you need to start the process of engaging a tutor. 
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