Here are a selection of story extracts written by our fabulous students 

By Jayden 

It was silent after that. I finally built up the courage to see what had fallen. Slowly, I walked forward and traced where it fell and when I looked up the shaft of light was there again. I looked at the floor and saw a hand, I nervously went to touch it. It moved “AHHH!” I shrieked. 
“Hey, calm down” A soft voice said. 
“Um, w- who are y- you?” I stuttered still trembling. 
“Oh I’m Lily, surely you should know me, I mean my name is Lily and well that’s really it” , she nervously answered. 
“My name is um Tom, it’s nice to meet you I think” , I said acting like I was not scared at all even though my heart was beating rapidly. 
This girl had round glasses and golden-brown hair that looked too precious to be true. 
“So um how did you end up in here?” I mumbled. 
“I don’t really remember I just woke up pretty baffled. What about you?” she asked curiously. 
“Oh I just woke up here, but I’m not sure if we can ever get out of here, I’m really not.” I said hopelessly. 
We were stuck in here without food or drink and I was starting to think it was the end. 

By Kobby 

I heard noises like something roaming across the wooden floor. I was biting my bottom lip and shivers went down my spine! I was baffled? It was impossible to see. The room was really cold, and there were no windows or anything else apart from that stinky bed. The room was darker than midnight skies. I tried to get some sleep as I felt drowsy, but the pillow was colder than ice. When I awakened, I smelt all kinds of peculiar smells, it was the most putrid thing I have smelt. 
There were loose bricks in the wall so I yanked them off to reveal a door. I knew if I went in the door, something sinister might happen. As the note on the bed side read ‘DO NOT ENTER THE ROOM’. I heard screaming louder than a lion. My jaw dropped to the floor! I could smell acid. I was petrified. 
Suddenly a figure was coming into the room. My eyes popped open, but I couldn’t see very well. There was smoke which made me feel drowsy. Where was I? There was a very dim light so I couldn’t see very well. It looked like I was in a room with a lot of water and a bed. I found a note on the bed that said, you have been brain washed.  
The only thing that came to my mind was how could I get my memory back? 

By Sonam 

I was convinced I heard footsteps. I don’t know if my mind was playing tricks on me, or if there was actually someone else in the room. It was deadly quiet again; my nerves were starting to calm. Reluctantly, I crept around the room, it felt quite spacious. I stumbled over some planks of wood that were to be lying on the floor. The room had a distinct, old, musty smell, as if it had been abandoned for some time. I wondered which direction the door was in. This mysterious place had me feeling both anxious and intrigued. 
Suddenly, I heard some creaking noises, this time it was definitely not me. The noises were coming from above. Trying not to bump into anything again, I crouched down and crawled back to my spot. I felt a gentle and chilly breeze brush pass my skin. 
My heart began to race again; I had goosebumps all over my arms. I rolled up into a tiny ball, so I could hide myself from whatever was up there. As the darkness was pressing on my eyeballs, I tried to search the room. Out of nowhere, two yellow eyes appeared in the corner of the room. At first, I thought they were fire flies, but they were moving in a parallel motion. My eyes were fixed on the dots, as they seemed to be edging closer to me. After a few seconds, I could make out the shape and I knew exactly what they were. They were eyes! 

By Aaron 

I was petrified and stressed, as I could not see anything, but something smelt gross. I did not know what the smell was. As I walked closer, the smell became stronger. I touched something; it was gooey lumpy and roundish. It was squishy, and smelt awful and was wet (watery). It was very light and was glowing. I felt even more terrified. I heard a bang. I felt something and it was moving. Its skin was rough and wrinkled. I touched the glowing ball of light, it felt the same. 
Before long, the thing I was touching sprayed me with gooey green slime. I was drenched in it. An ache started deep inside my stomach. I turned away as my eyes welled up with tears. I was stuck to the floor from the gooey stuff. There was not much I could do. I could only look forwards, not or backwards. I was really scared. 
Then something put a hand on my shoulder. I screamed so loudly that I scared whatever was touching me. 
I heard rocks clattering together. Not long after, this creepy alien type glowed and slithered towards me. I shuffled backwards. His eyes were red and his teeth were like shark teeth. He had elf ears and a dark green face. I feared that the goblin was going harm me. I was pinned to the ground from the goblin slime. I soon realised that I was the goblin’s dinner. 

By Christopher 

All of a sudden, there was an unexpected click and a lightbulb, which was hanging from the ceiling by very few cables, sprung into action. It took me quite a while to adjust to the sudden change in light. However, what I saw was not worth the pain. It would leave people traumatised, to say the least. The horrifying sight left me flabbergasted (and not in a good way). The room was empty except for my dog themed bed, myself and dried up blood splattered on the walls. I could feel my eyes burning... 
There was an inferno inside my eyes and there was an excruciating amount of pain in my canine teeth. My whole body was throbbing, yet I hadn't a clue why I was in so much pain. Never in my life had I felt that much agony. My hands were aching greatly. I checked to see what my body was doing. It did not look nice. My hands had turned incredibly pale and my veins had started to pop up. It was strangely disturbing. 
While I was inspecting my arm, I abruptly recalled placing my phone underneath my pillow. I immediately darted to get it as I was curious as to what I looked like in my camera. I looked very creepy. My skin was pure white and my veins looked on the verge of popping through my skin. My jaw dropped, and that was the moment I noticed my canine teeth had turned into fangs. My mind was bombarded with questions. What had my face done? 
Why did I look like this? What was I doing here? Every question led back to the big one; why was I in this room? 
Suddenly, a voice exclaimed 'Welcome fellow vampire to the room of death. Your first challenge starts now. Wish you the worst of luck"... 
Magic Pocket - A Story in Pictures  
By Dhiren 
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