Here are a selection of story extracts written by our fabulous students 

Trapped, by Dhiren 

I started to hear a faint buzzing behind me, I turned around and saw a ferocious bee. He was huge, almost bigger than me. His eyes were bulging and had jagged claw-like hands. I thought he was about to sting me. In fear I dropped the jar of honey. It then smashed in to pieces and we looked at each other. I backed up and crawled towards the exit that was locked. I screamed “HELP!” 
As I stepped back, the bee tried to stab me with its razor sharp needles. Somehow I jumped while crawling away from him using my legs to dodge his stinger. I quickly started to crawl away from him as he slashed side to side with his needle like arms. He nearly pierced me, but it was only a scratch that did not hurt me at all and I was hardly bleeding. 
I just realised that bees die when they use their stinger, so I stepped and faced the bee and let it sting me but it did not die. My hand was paralysed now but the bee did not die, it was obviously a mutant. I crawled into the rubble so he couldn’t get me. Now I was starting to wonder if the bee was keeping me trapped and was angry at me because I turned some of the honey orange with my blood. 

The Room of Unexpected Events, by Alexander 

I was panicking as we had no food. I tried to get help by yelling, "Help! I’m stuck in a roooooom!" There was no answer, only a haunting, harsh sound. I saw a leak in the room, I was bursting with panic because I didn’t know what else to do. I tried to be calm. It was basically a nightmare, then Poachie woke up. 
I wondered why my clothes were wet. Then I noticed that the room was flooding! I took my soaked clothes off, and reluctantly went to go save Poachie. There was water racing towards him. I felt very overwhelmed as I saw Poachie’s mouth moving slowly. Was he speaking to me right now in this very weird moment? 
A racing thought came to my mind, through the space of my whooshing brain. 

The Room, by Veer 

“You don't have a lot of time, but the pick is probably going to be hard to find, so don’t sit back and relax. You need to find the pick before it is too late!” 
Now, I was under a lot of pressure to find the pick or I would regret it. 
“I want to know why you’re disappearing right now because I’m confused, “I demanded. 
The alien was still thinking after five minutes; I wondered what about. 
“I am on a planet that I am not used to, so the environment is not ideal for me and I can’t get back to my home planet without the pick of fame,” the alien explained. 
I moved cautiously around the room, trying to find it, but it was really hard to find. I couldn’t just wait and think about it because the alien was really scared and I was too. I was sweating. I didn’t know what to do. But I was not going to give up. 
“Do you want to know a big secret, “the alien asked randomly. 
I loved secrets, but not the one the alien was about to say. 
“Yes, “I answered because I was intrigued. 
“Okay, I tricked you by telling you that I was disappearing to make you frightened and I was correct. You were frightened,” he wrote. 
“ I thought you were my friend! “I answered disappointedly and furiously. 
“Clearly I lied,” the alien wrote quickly.“ the planet is fine for me to live in,“ he continued. 
“I will have to kill you because I need the pick of fame and I need you out of the picture. 
The pick of fame is a pick that you that you strum and you go where you want,” the alien explained. 
Then, in that same second, I smashed the hardest guitar on the alien. His heart stopped beating and the two eyes on his face were closed. I was scared because I was told to not kill. I killed the alien.... 

The Room, by Veer 

The huge wave of crystal cream stars were dancing in the sky. At this scene I froze in shock and my hands were over my mouth. I could hear a static buzzing sound and the asteroids bolting through space. 
I was inquisitive to know what was happening. I was eager for knowledge. I took a leap forward and saw the dense fog coming down the hallway. I felt anxious and petrified at this image. At that moment the mist grew closer. I started sweating, I did not feel very courageous. I steadily shut the door with all of my might although the foggy dense mist still crept in. I staggered back and hid under a table. 
I crouched and gained grip of a bulky and delicate chair and threw it at the obscure and opaque mist. I heard a loud shriek and it sounded like the mist was bawling and blubbering. I was startled and aghast when I heard this. Black dull tentacles came out of the mist and crawled all over the room. As fast as a snap of a finger, I pivoted around and staggered over a tentacle and it flung me onto a table. I closed my eyes and opened them again and the figure was gone! 
All of a sudden an ape came out of the mist ......... 

Trapped by Jiya 

The scratch didn’t hurt at all, it just made my arm purple. My arm started to become more purple by the second. For some reason my legs felt like spaghetti and my heart was pumping like crazy but I wasn’t sure if it was because of the lizard’s scratch. The sweat began to drip down my face as the silence was deafening. I could no longer see the creature. He had camouflaged himself. Where was he? 
I started to hear weird screeching noises from the ceiling and it made me panic, then scream. Instantly I regretted screaming so I crawled out of the corner I was hiding in to cover myself in rubble so the lizard couldn’t see me as well as he would in the open. Hiding under the rubble wasn’t as comfortable as I thought. 
There was a little crack in the pile of rocks I buried myself in. I saw some green on the ceiling and then my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Then I saw it; the lizards’ eyes on the ceiling. “He was on the ceiling all along” I whispered to myself. The lizard was on the ceiling following my every move like a hawk. 

The Room, by Sahib 

I“I need to get out of here!” I exclaimed. 
That’s when I heard it. There was a loud banging on the wall, spikes clattering on the roof, and worst of all, growling. 
“Help, help!” I screamed at a camera (I saw in the corner of the room) knowing someone was controlling it. 
A door opened and on the other side was a ginormous, terrifying monster. It had four arms and one gargantuan eye. Before I could scream it covered my mouth and said it had a plan to escape. Bobby (the monster) said he was going to prise open the door, take me to my house and then he was going to fly to his planet. 
Then the accident happened. Before opening the doors, Bobby got hacked and turned hostile. He charged at me but powered off and fell to the ground. 
I turned around to see Bobby standing up, but he looked different and more hostile. I cowered into the corner because it did not look anything like Bobby. I covered my eyes hoping the darkness of the room would cover me. How foolish could I be? It had a giant luminescent eye that was staring at me! Subject B44 had gone insane. 

Trapped by Annika 

The music changed as the place got darker. I started to shuffle around to see what would happen. Nothing! My stomach started to churn as many questions filled my head. ‘What was I going to do? Was there some way to get out?’ I needed to know more.The music that was playing as it got darker was the music that played on Adopt me at night. Perhaps it was night then. Adopt Me switched from day to night within minutes. I was thinking of a plan to get to my Adopt Me home but someone interrupted me and was talking in some sort of megaphone. It was so loud, it made me jump. 
“If you move a rock, you can find the way to your Adopt Me home.” He sounded like NewFissy, the creator of the game. 
I started to push rocks one by one and finally I found one that would move. It opened.  
I walked up to the path and took three deep breaths, but when I tried to go through the path, there was an invisible barrier. I tried going through it again one more time, but it still didn’t work. I was feeling disconcerted. This didn’t feel right. How was I supposed to get to a house if I couldn’t even follow the path? 
Soon, the same voice came from behind me. 
“Did you really think that was the way to get to the house?” “This game isn’t Adopt Me, its Trap Me!", murmured the voice. 

Trapped by Aaron 

I was petrified and stressed, as I could not see anything, but something smelt gross. I did not know what the smell was. As I walked closer, the smell became stronger. I touched something; it was gooey lumpy and roundish. It was squishy, and smelt awful and was wet (watery). It was very light and was glowing. I felt even more terrified. I heard a bang. I felt something and it was moving. Its skin was rough and wrinkled. I touched the glowing ball of light, it felt the same. 
Before long, the thing I was touching sprayed me with gooey green slime. I was drenched in it. An ache started deep inside my stomach. I turned away as my eyes welled up with tears. I was stuck to the floor from the gooey stuff. There was not much I could do. I could only look forwards, not or backwards. I was really scared. 
Then something put a hand on my shoulder. I screamed so loudly that I scared whatever was touching me. 
I heard rocks clattering together. Not long after, this creepy alien type glowed and slithered towards me. I shuffled backwards. His eyes were red and his teeth were like shark teeth. He had elf ears and a dark green face. I feared that the goblin was going harm me. I was pinned to the ground from the goblin slime. I soon realised that I was the goblin’s dinner. 

By Christopher 

All of a sudden, there was an unexpected click and a lightbulb which was hanging from the ceiling by very few cables, sprung into action. It took me quite a while to adjust to the sudden change in light. However, what I saw was not worth the pain. It would leave people traumatised to say the least. The horrifying sight left me flabbergasted (and not in a good way). The room was empty except for my dog themed bed, myself and dried up blood splattered on the walls. I could feel my eyes burning... 
There was an inferno inside my eyes and there was an excruciating amount of pain in my canine teeth. My whole body was throbbing, yet I hadn't a clue why I was in so much pain. Never in my life had I felt that much agony. My hands were aching greatly. I checked to see what my body was doing. It did not look nice. My hands had turned incredibly pale and my veins had started to pop up. It was strangely disturbing. 
While I was inspecting my arm, I abruptly recalled placing my phone underneath my pillow. I immediately darted to get it as I was curious as to what I looked like in my camera. I looked very creepy. My skin was pure white and my veins looked on the verge of popping through my skin. My jaw dropped, and that was the moment I noticed my canine teeth had turned into fangs. My mind was bombarded with questions. What had my face done? 
Why did I look like this? What was I doing here? Every question led back to the big one; why was I in this room? 
Suddenly, a voice exclaimed "Welcome fellow vampire to the room of death. Your first challenge starts now. Wish you the worst of luck"... 
Magic Pocket - A Story in Pictures  
By Dhiren 
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