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Pauline is highly effective and organised, but she also had such a personable way of being with our children. 
We chose Pauline to tutor our daughter because of her professional approach. Our daughter's was due to sit her SAT's and didn't pass the 11+, so we were concerned. 
Pauline not only tutored our daughter, but with the coaching skills she possesses, she also was able to help to improve our daughter's confidence. The child that started out with Pauline in the September was very different to the child who completed and passed her SAT's in May 
Our daughter's year six teacher at the time asked if our daughter was being tutored, we hesitantly said yes. Her response was, "Well, it's working, so keep doing it." 
Our daughter passed her SAT's, was given an award of the highest accolade when she finished year six and her teacher said the turn around was phenomenal, she was the most improved student of her year. 
Pauline then tutored our son for the 11+. We gave her a challenge, as she had from May to August to prepare him. 
We were extremely impressed with both Pauline and our son. They worked to a tight deadline, but Pauline was very clear from the outset of the workload that would be involved and the dedication necessary on our son's part. Over the months, our son thoroughly enjoyed his tutoring sessions and Pauline was professional, dedicated (we moved house and Pauline came to our new house, which was further away) and fun. 
Our son sat the 11+, passed the examination and will be attending Grammar school in September. 
We as a family want to thank Pauline, because she didn't just tutor our children. Pauline considered who our children were, worked out how to get the best out of them and was committed to achieving the goal. 
We can't thank Pauline enough as a family. 
Marcia A 
My son progressed in ‘leaps and bounds’ after starting tuition with Pauline. He quickly gained in confidence, which had a further positive effect on his schoolwork. He has quite a short attention span and Pauline coped fantastically with him, making the lessons fun, but challenging, and getting the balance of time on a topic just right before moving on when necessary to keep him focused. 
Indeed when he passed his 11 plus examination in October, Pauline was the first person Harry wanted to phone and tell. 
Pauline took the time to explain examination technique and the importance of layout and neatness, which has drastically improved Harry’s presentation and organisation, and is a skill that will remain with him in the future. 
She was always punctual, reliable, and after each session explained the topics they had covered as well as areas for further development. This was particularly useful for my husband and I and we would not hesitate to recommend her. 
Michelle. W 
Pauline is confident, smart and fun to work with and makes you work hard. Before tuition sessions my confidence level was a 7; after tuition sessions my confidence level was a 9. 
Thank you for tutoring me. 
I really loved the mentoring tutor session. It made me feel really happy😁 I loved meeting everybody and the games and tongue twisters. I would love it if you did another one. 
Rohan . D - 11 plus student who passed the Medway Test, 2020. 
Pauline is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys hers knowledge of sometimes difficult material in a manner easy to understand. Her lessons were structured and her explanations were very clear. Pauline helped Natalia to gain a lot of confidence in herself which contributed in her passing her 11+ without problems. Thank you Pauline! 
Karina W 
A brilliant tutor who builds a great relationship with not only the child but the parents. We could see a month on month improvement in our son, resulting in him being more confident in all aspects of the core subjects in readiness for the 11 plus. 
Mr Singh- his son passed the 11 plus Kent test, 2020. 
I have known Pauline on a personal and professional level for many years. I needed help for my daughter to assist in the preparation for the 11+ examinations- Pauline offered her services.  
She worked diligently and effectively and as a result of her efforts, my daughter was successful in meeting the requirements and has been offered a place at three grammar schools. 
I would recommend Pauline to anyone and have since done so.  
Thank you Pauline for your support in helping our daughter to achieve her full potential. 
Mrs A Orcan 
I am glad to have passed the 11+exam and I have no doubt it was your help that made the difference. I will never forget all the fun activities you included in your class to enhance learning. Thank you for helping me to explore new ways of solving my work. You're such a wonderful person. I'll always remember you with the deepest respect and for your efforts in making each lesson enjoyable and educational. Thank you for being the best tutor I could ask for. 
Grammar school here I come! 
Kobby who passed the 11+ Kent test, 2021 
Pauline is very good tutor because she explains things very clearly in a way that I can understand. She is very friendly and approachable but also strict when she needs to be like when I get a bit cheeky. I have enjoyed my time whilst being tutored by Pauline and if you need a tutor get Pauline quick 
Jasmin. K 
I really like studying with Pauline because the tutoring sessions are fun and I don't feel pressure. After the tuition sessions I feel confident with my knowledge. 
Kristian. S- passed the Kent, Medway and Common Entrance tests, 2020. 
When my son started school, I quickly realised that I was completely out of my depth with the every changing education system and I needed help and fast.  
Pauline was just who I was looking for; from the first time she contacted me I was very impressed with her professionalism and organisation .  
She was extremely informative- over several months I have seen a marked improvement in my son's work, his attitude to his work and more importantly for me, he has become more confident about his abilities.  
She is extremely patient and reliable and can adapt her teaching method to suit his moods or the subject matter which for me is very important. 
Ms A Moore 
I decided to have tuition sessions to prepare for 11 plus exams for both Kent and Medway. Before tuition sessions, I wasn’t that confident with schoolwork and it was pretty hard for me to answer questions as I wasn’t familiar with the type of work. The tuition sessions were beneficial because it helped me to concentrate more and feel more confident in learning, also it helped me answer questions and get them done. 
I feel very confident and proud of myself as I have grown and learned a lot, from the three years of tuition that I have done. I have become smarter and am happier because learning things is now not as difficult as it used to be. Also, it has been a great experience. 
Pauline has been a very helpful person and I have enjoyed having tuition sessions with her as she is nice and a delightful tutor. She has really helped me a lot. 
Jayden who passed the Medway, Kent 11 plus and Mayfield Grammar Test, 2021 
Miss Pauline is an amazing coach/mentor and she really made an impact on my life; I am now in a much happier place than when I was a few months before. 
David S 
My tutor helped me in a lot of ways. She is highly recommendable for other students. She helped me pass the 11 plus and teach me different things. 
Terrence. Q- passed the Kent and Medway tests, 2019 
Over the past three years I have been mentoring and coaching my student Kes-tchass. who undertook a fine art degree.  
I received a text from Kes-tchass which said, "Just wanted to let you know I was awarded a first class degree. Thank you so much for all the support and time you took out over the past three years. I am so thankful and blessed to have you in my corner and I am very appreciative of the kind words, support and love. Sending you love and light always." 
Kes-tchass, who received a first class honours degree in fine art, 2021 
Thank you for being an amazing tutor for all these years. You have helped us all through lockdown and we really appreciate it. We wish you all the best in the future. 
Thank you from us as well. Very proud and appreciative parents. 
Ronnie and Kiran 
Sonam, who passed the Medway, Kent 11 plus and Mayfield Grammar Test, 2021 
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