11 Plus and Grammar School Entrance Exams 

Tutoristic have a great deal of experience at preparing pupils for the 11 Plus and Grammar School Entrance Exams. We have a wide range of teaching resources, and provide reliable online one to one tuition and support. 

What we teach 

We offer tuition in maths (including numerical reasoning), English (including comprehension and vocabulary skills that are so important in the CEM and GL assessment tests) Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and creative writing.  
All our 11+ pupils get free access to online testing materials. Spellings are also given to mentally stretch the student and widen their vocabulary.  

How we teach 

We offer structured and comprehensive one to one sessions online via Skype, Zoom and Scribblar- a virtual teaching platform- allowing for plenty of support as well. All of our tuition is carried out by experienced, fully qualified tutors. 

Benefits of Online Tuition 

Our lessons are personalised to each individual pupil. We believe that all pupils are individual with different strengths and weaknesses and, whilst there are aspects of the exams that all pupils need to cover, some need to spend more time on the parts of the exams that they find the most difficult. Each lesson is created weekly for individual pupils, using assessments from previous lessons and homework, and is designed to meet their own unique learning needs. 

Year 6 SATs Tuition 

What are Year 6 SATs? 
SATs is the common abbreviation for Standard Assessment Tests which are also referred to as National Curriculum Tests. They are taken at the end of School Years 2 & 6, and are used to reflect the level your child is working to. 
Key Stage 1 
The SATs for Key Stage 1 take place throughout May in Year 2 (at the end of infants’ school). Each child is assessed by a teacher in reading, writing (including spelling and handwriting), maths (including arithmetic, shapes and measurement). The class teacher sets short pieces of work in English and maths to assess each child’s ability. 
Key Stage 2 
The Key Stage 2 SATs are more formal than the assessments used at Key Stage 1 and consist of a combination of tests and teacher assessments. The tests taken in Year 6 cover the three core subjects, English (comprehension, SPAG-spelling, punctuation and grammar), and maths (arithmetic and maths reasoning). These tests are taken on set days in mid-May and are designed to test pupils’ knowledge and understanding.  
What our tuition covers 
We teach a bespoke syllabus fully aligned to the National Curriculum. 
To check understanding of the topics. 
Homework is set for every lesson. 
Intense boosters designed to prepare for SATs exams. 
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