Secondary Key Stage 4 in Maths and English for pupils aged between 14 and 16 years 

Tutors for Key Stage 4 years 

The Key Stage 4 syllabus is taught in secondary school between years 14-16. This is an important time as students are preparing for those exams taken in the summer; choice subjects would have been chosen in year 9. 

Transitioning from Key Stage 3, many year 9 students find the shift to KS4/GCSE even more challenging. Students will notice that their workload has increased significantly, with testing starting in year 10 from November and again in January to assess their grades. Some students my find that they are transfered from foundation level to higher or from higher to foundation level. 

Key Stage 4 Tuition 

At Tutoristic, we support students with this transition; tutoring for two of the core subject areas: Maths and English, and also preparing them mentally for the intense workload and with exam technique strategies. Preparing students with planning and designing a revision timetable will also be hugely beneficial and help them plan and structure their study weeks leading up to their exams. 
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