As a committed tutor and mentor, I have helped many children build their confidence and develop as learners. 
I work with pupils of primary and secondary school age up to GCSE level, to help them improve their grades, confidence and enjoyment of the subject. I have experience in tutoring English and maths including those students who are struggling to achieve their desired GCSEs grades. 
I love working with children because of their enthusiasm to learn and ability to engage with new ideas. The best thing about being a tutor is helping the students understand concepts, improve their grades and enhance their skills. I believe that achieving excellent results comes down to hard work and perseverance, but it also requires finding a balance between being challenged and having fun. 
Self-assured, confident children will know they can accomplish things on their own, as well as with others. They are willing to take risks and try new activities because they trust their abilities. This confidence gives them more opportunities and options in life, so it is important to build this self-confidence at an early age. 
I tutor both primary and secondary pupils, because I feel that each age group has different needs and objectives. For example, with primary aged children you could use games, activities or role play in order to encourage them through a subject they might be struggling with. Whereas older students may need more direct help such as one-to-one tuition. Each skill is transferable to another group. For example I do some GCSE English questions with my year 8 and 9 students and mark the work at their level. 
I also help students to develop their confidence and self esteem through a number of techniques including: positive praise and compliments; praising positive behaviour; praising parents for things when they fully engage with their child’s development and learning; finding out what topics are being covered in school and giving verbal weekly feedback after each session. 
I provide both primary and secondary pupils with support in many areas. I assess the pupil's strengths and weaknesses, then identify what needs to be improved. I look to build on the existing knowledge of my pupils and increase their understanding of the subject matter. To achieve this, I provide a structured learning environment and tutor at a pace the pupil is comfortable with, whilst building their confidence and competence in whatever topic area that they struggle in. 
Children's confidence comes from having their abilities acknowledged, and knowing they can succeed. 
So, it’s time to invest in the life of your child. I have over a decade of experience tutoring both primary and secondary students, helping them excel in their studies and develop confidence as they thrive at school. Now it’s time for you to get in touch! 
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