The years are going by so quickly, even my youngest students notice. I’m sure when I was a child holidays seemed to drag on; these days it’s Monday one minute and then Monday again. 2023 is coming to an end and looming on our doorstep is 2024. 
2023 has been a very challenging year on a personal level. Firstly, leaving Kent after 27 years and moving to London was one of those major changes. Tutoring online has been an advantage to keeping my business going, as it allows me to tutor from anywhere. 
Secondly, my student whom I have tutored consistently for nine years took a break; we agreed that he would have a year’s break if he keeps his grades up and then comes back on board next year in preparation for his GCSE’s. 
Thirdly, deciding to diversify the business by which I mean getting some new products out into the market place. I’ve spoken to many new parents who have been told by other parents about the 11 plus, and then made enquiries about the tests. I decided to write an eBook- not yet published about the 11plus- focusing on the tests in Kent and surrounding areas to inform parents about the test. I also added questions to allow children to take a sample test to get experience and a better understanding as to what is involved. 
Moving Forward 
On a professional level, I've had to adapt the business as the market has changed. I wrote an online ‘Study Skills Programme’ to teach students- GCSE, A level, college students and potential adult students who have not studied for a long time, how to study effectively to advance themselves in their academic and work careers. 
I am writing a book about the ins and outs of tutoring. The book is being written for anyone considering becoming a tutor. I am also writing course content to start English group sessions targeted at parents who have year 4 and 5 pupils who need help to improve their English- verbal reasoning, spelling, grammar and punctuation, creative writing and comprehension skills in preparations for 11 plus tests, common entrance exams or SATs. 
This year has been one of change but a productive one; putting things in place to make and lay the foundations for 2024; a pivotal year. I’ve learnt through experience that when life becomes difficult, you have choices- to let it slap you in the face and fall over and not get up, or to get up and do a little of something each day to help you move closer to where you want to go because no one else will do it for you. A dream will always be a dream until you action it. We are all given gifts; gifts and talents neglected become curses and sorrows. We also have to have faith- the ability to see the invisible, believe in the impossible and trust in the unknown- Nelson Mandela. 
As 2024 approaches, here’s to great things happening in the New Year, learning from past experiences and making new opportunities happen by creating doors to walk through. 
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