When you don’t know what to do or things are taking a while to unfold, standing still can bring clarity. Standing still does not always mean doing nothing; it can mean doing other things alongside so that when the ducks are all lined up you are also ready. It may mean doing research, networking, speaking to liked minded people or changing direction. Change is a good thing and can also give a different perspective. 
It’s been over a year now since I wrote my ‘Study Skills Proficiency Course' but I had to shelve it and get the legal aspects of the business sorted before launching it. I could not move forward, but I could continue with my other projects while waiting for my trademark registration which would protect my work. In the interim I drafted my eBook. 
Thinking About the 11 plus for Your Child? 
I have tutored hundreds of students over the past 15 years, and felt that I should share my knowledge with parents looking at grammar schools for their children. Over the last several years, I have met many parents from different backgrounds and cultures; some have settled in the U.K and made it their home, but did not understand the school system and needed assistance to make decisions about how to navigate the education process. 
I finished drafting my eBook a few days ago and also finally received my trademark registration for ‘Taking Strides Forward’; the name under which I will sell my courses. Applying for trademark registration is a long and expensive process and I was not sure whether the name would be accepted. If the name was not, I would have to complete the process again and pay the additional fees. Now, I can write my courses knowing that they are protected with the trademark registration and copyright protection. Talking Strides Forward will also operate under the umbrella of Tutoristic. 
The Next Stage 
Having the logo designed. 
It is important to understand processes and not to rush things. Decisions made in haste can become your nightmare. I have learnt to ‘breathe’, at times ‘stand still’ and other times know when to ‘push forward’. Patience, faith, determination and diligence are key. 
I have always enjoyed writing; my intention is to write courses to benefit students through their journey and share the knowledge that I have to assist others in a positive way. 
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