At Tutoristic, we understand the importance of educating a child to reach their full potential with the right guidance and the right tutor to assist along the journey. We work closely with families to fully understand each child’s needs and tailor and adapt systems for our students whilst building their confidence. 
Tutoring our students to be become independent thinkers and problem solvers is key to the success of this journey. Each child is different and we embrace these differences. 
We work with students and families to support learning in a positive way, either one to one or in a group environment online. 
Tutoristic was founded in 2010, and it has been an honour to have been in operation for well over a decade, as well as tutoring close to 200 students at primary and secondary level. Our cohorts of students come from a range of backgrounds and cultures; children attending state school whilst others attending private school, some home schooled children as well as children who need special support and reassurance due to personal circumstances. 
Over the years we have supported many students to realise their full potential by communicating with them and their parents, understanding the goals they want to achieve and structuring work to get them to their attainable goals. Our focus in the primary sector is 11 plus, common entrance tests, SATs, general maths and English for pupils who are struggling or want to be further challenged. 
In the secondary sector, we focus on KS3 and KS4 maths and English up to GCSE level only. 
The curriculum followed complements that of the school system in the U.K to reinforce the child’s learning. 
With our guidance, our students often out-perform in their expectations in exams, and go on to enjoy and further excel in secondary school and onto their A’ levels or whichever path they decide to take. 
As mentors, as well as academic educators, we work with our students to develop the key qualities of Confidence to ask Questions, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving Strategies, Taking Responsibility, Personal Development and Self-Reflection. We aim to develop the minds of children to become confident achievers. 
At Tutoristic, delivering the highest quality service to students and tutors is paramount. Being professional, approachable and relatable and having integrity are our core values. We focus on establishing long standing and positive relationships. Our students have accomplished some great work and grown into confident young individuals and we are proud to have been part of that journey. 
We look forward to the exciting journey ahead! 
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